Making adjustments to tell the story

When working on a film with little to no budget, sometimes you have to change some things from how they’re written in the script in order to get the story told.

The character of ‘Marty’ in Death to the World, played by Jason Snellgrove, co-producer of the film and owner of Did You Bury It? Productions, ended up being subject to one of those changes. Here’s an Instagram post with his death scene highlighted:

How it originally went down. #deathtotheworldmovie

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That was what was originally filmed, but it did not turn out quite as expected.

“We weren’t going to be able to get that house again for the re-shoot, so I had to change it to being outside. My house worked fine for that,” said Shane Gillis, the film’s director. “The gutting would’ve been cool, but it needed to be inside so that everyone would see him walk in slowly, drop down, and spill his guts. Then they’d take off running. Since we had to do it outside, it didn’t matter. We just needed to kill him off. Time, money, and location were all factors.”

But even with the change, the scene works and continued to advance the story as it needed to, even though it was different from the original script.

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